December 4, 2017

The Crossover is a newsletter about things that we think everyone today should know for their day-to-day interactions with technology.

As our reliance on technology grows, we anticipate a knowledge gap. There are those who are comfortable with technologies and possess the necessary technological skills and know-how to protect themselves online, and there are those who like to use technologies but do not have the necessary knowledge or skills to protect themselves even if they would like to. The purpose of this newsletter is to make a small contribution to closing this gap. Learn. Become aware. Consider. Act.

We aim to give advice on digital rights, digital privacy and generally on using the internet. We curate a list of articles and we send out a newsletter with links to those articles. We provide our opinion on why people should be interested in these subjects. We also provide recommendations for simple tools (programs, software, add-ons) that people can use to help them to be safe, secure, and private when online. We also aim to take a moment to explain technology concepts in everyday language, or link to sources that do the same. All our recommendations are ours and we do not promote products or tools.

Contact us at thecrossover@0io.eu