MDUnify produces a single unified and beautiful HTML document from a Markdown file.

I like using markdown to organize my text files, but when I need to send them to someone they are usually not very beautiful. The markdown compiler does not include any CSS when converting markdown to HTML, so you'll need to add them yourself.

I built a small tool that simply compiles your markdown files to HTML and includes beautiful default stylesheets to produce a nice HTML file. Currently, mdunify uses the stylesheets from the Blueprint CSS project, including the typography CSS styles, so the resulting output is a nicely formatted, typographically beautiful and easy to read document.

If your markdown document also includes images, MDUnify will download the images and include them inside your HTML file, so if you need to send the file to someone, you can send a single file instead of having to send multiple files.

You can download mdunify at my github repository.

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