Vuelta de Vasco

We were looking for a bikepacking route around europe so we could spend about a week’s holidays. We were looking through and we the Vuelta de Vasco really looked like a good option. Good food, cycling, beach and the mountains.

We thought it would be better if we started in the mountains and ended by the sea. This way if we had some spare time we could have some more relaxed days by the sea, eating amazing food.

In the end, this plan worked, we had a few days extra to relax, but it meant the first days in the mountains were quite hard. We had to push our bikes a lot and we had internal fights with ourselves, but that is to be expected anytime we push ourselves hard enough.

In the mountains we were alone most of the time, with very few cars. Near the coast there was some traffic, but locals in this area are very used to cyclists and they keep a safe distance when overtaking, often while screaming some words of encouragement.

The Route

The route below is from Our route was slightly different as we travelled counter clockwise and skipped some hiking paths sections near the coast. We also cycled a bit more along the coast to Mundaka, before heading south to Bilbao.

Length: 430km, ↗10425m