In the middle of the Eberswalde Forest

After coming back to Berlin from Portugal where we made a short summer cycling tour, we had big plans to use most of the remaining Autumn weekends to enjoy the last of the sunlight in Berlin. Unfortunately, we both got sick and in some way or another, life got in the way. On a cold November Saturday we decided to use the last available Autumn light to face the 0 degree temperatures and go for a short wild camping trip overnight somewhere in the Eberswalde forest.

The route from Berlin to Bernau was not so spectacular, basic cycle paths and mostly along busy traffic roads. But from Bernau onwards we were rewarded with beautiful forest paths and a mixture of beautiful Autumn colours as the trees covered the ground with leaves of red, yellow and auburn. With few others braving the cold weather, the cycle through the forest was peaceful and reflective.

Once we arrived in Eberswalde, we stocked up on beer and a few groceries from the Supermarket and headed back into the forest where we found a hut we could use as shelter. The hut was clean and the built at a crossroads, with walking paths going in each direction through the forest. Our enthusiasm to be in the nature led us to underestimate the temperature in the night, and we did not use our tent but slept in our sleeping bags in the hut. In hindsight, we should have put the tent up inside the hut for added warmth, but instead spent the early hours of the cold morning trying our best to keep our toes warm. Thankfully, we had some decent sleeping bags and warm clothes so we were not too uncomfortable.

Before dinner, we gathered some sticks and setup a fire and chatted while we prepared our food. There is something about staring into a fire that can pass time like nothing else.

The next day we headed to Berlin, following a similar route. It always surprises us how much such a short outing can help us relax and feel like we actually had a week of holidays.